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'93 Ls400 Cd Changer- Pioneer

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I have a 1993 LS400. I'm having problems with the 6-disc Pioneer CD changer. When ever I turn on the CD player, I get an "Err" message. I then push the "Disc" button to change discs and get the same "Err" message. Typically, I go through this process 15-20 times and then finally a disc will start playing and the changer works fine from there on until the car is turned off. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem to have the CD play immediately upon start-up without any "Err" messages?

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Is your CD cartridge and the little plastic CD holder trays in good shape? Are they all inserted correctly? Do you have another cartridge you can try? I think I got an Err a couple of times when I mistakenly put one CD in upside down. (I'm really "reaching" here.)

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Put a heater in the trunk overnight with the trunk open to dry it out. CD players are very sensitive to humidity/condensation.

Make sure the trunk is well sealed also.

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