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I am sick of the rear door buzzer on my RX400h and just want to disable it (physically not electronically).

Does anyone know where it is located?


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Lemme're ticked off that it's the same beeper found on run-of-the-mill Toyotas. I know I am every time I hear one in a parking lot. ;-)

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I found this on the other forum but it's TEN YEARS OLD!

Just picked my car up after 1K mile service and here's what they told me. Even though the manual says the beep can be disabled the current C-Best software only allows for three settings: 2 beeps, 5 beeps, and 8 beeps. There is no "disable" setting. I had my service techs change it to the lowest setting: 2 beeps - so now basically when I hold the button down on my remote it beeps once, then the hatch begins to open, it quickly beeps again as the hatch begins to raise and that's IT. It ain't perfect but it's MUCH better. My svc mgr says they will take this up with corporate to find out WHY the owner's manual states the beep may be disabled - if they're NOT given the proper software to execute it. Maybe by my 5K service they'll have a solution - I'll keep y'all posted


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spoke with my service manager today - he had finally received an answer from Lexus corporate - and he told me that the way mine is set now is considered "disabled" he says the manual is misleading and that corporate is considering re-wording that paragraph in future editions.

In reference to what I explained prior - when the button is pressed the vehicle emits 2 short beeps - like when you lock or unlock your car - then that's it, no more beeps while the rear hatch opens and closes. So no matter which C-Best setting you'll always get 2 initial beeps, then beep settings can be made for an additional 2, 5, or 8 beeps after that.

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