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The nice 94 LS400 I've had, for 3 months, 99K miles, came with the most horrible tires I have ever experienced. Pirelli P6000 tires. I bought the car because it was beautiful, despite the fact that the steering wheel shimmied like a hula dancer - at high speed. The first thing I did was have the tires balanced and rotated.

Problem solved, except the car feels like it's squirming on initial acceleration-in the rear. I just found a small bulge in one of the rear tire sidewalls, too. So I need to trash all the tires-They look almost new, but Sayonara.

Question-What's a good premium tire for the desert-Vegas-where there's no snow, ice, slush or any other cold weather-related issues? Just a lot of heat. B)


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yeah 99, i've found they are really quite.

i believe they are only 40,000 mile tires, but i'm not positive, i'll have to check. they are a pretty soft tire hints the good grip.

i believe they run around 120-130 per. but i don't remember on that one either :unsure:

i had some cheap goodyears on her b/f i got my new wheels, and they were awefull, not grip in the rain at all, kinda scary. but with these dunlops its the difference in night and day, with grip, ride, and wet traction.

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