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I just got back from a dealership that buys lease returns and wholesale ect.

They have a 1998 lexus GS 400 with 66k miles the interior looked clean along with the outside although it was missing a spoiler and 17'' rims. It has navigation but it says "check hard drive" does anybody know what that means?

Also the dealership is asking $21,999 it seems a little high to me.

What do you all think, sounds like a good deal?

What things should I look at when looking at the GS, what thing usually wear or need attention?



here is the link I found it on

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I was looking at a similar car where the navigation unit was in fact missing. The screen was completely blank. The fact that an error can even be displayed most likely leads to a dead harddrive. This is going to be a real P.I.A.

Only Lexus knows the solution to this one. If I were a betting man, I'd say Lexus will want to trade the navigation computer in on a remanufactured unit. God knows what that would cost. Calling your friendly Lexus dealer certainly wouldn't hurt!

I was quoted $4,000.00 - $5,000.00 for the replacement cost of the nav. unit. No, I didn't buy that car! :blink:

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