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I am bringing my 97 ES w(ith 91,000 miles on it) in for a checkup next week. What things should I have them look at? What are the typical maintenance items that will need to be taken care of with this checkup (around 90,000 miles)?

I want them to check the spark plugs. It seems like it is firing a couple times more than it used to when it starts. Nothing too noticeable, but sometimes it turns over a couple more times that it used to and I just wanna make sure the plugs are okay.

I also want them to look at the front mounts. I have been told here that the front mounts on many 97-99 ES's are not the best and that they create the infamous clunking noise. I would really like to get that fixed.

What are some other items that you think they should look at?


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90k is the biggest service and most costly.

Timing belt, water pump and pulley replacement.

Tranny flush

Coolant flush

Brake fluid flush

PS fluid flush.

Oil and filter change

Air filter

Cabin filter

Tire rotation

You can get a price break if you check it out with a Toyota shop, too.

Spark plugs should have been done at 60k.


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i have had the coolant flushed, tires rotated, new brakes, and new tires put on within the last couple of months. i will have them check:

--timing belt

--water pump


--if the tranny needs a flush (i think i did this when i bought the car)

--if brake fluid needs a flush

--if ps fluid needs a flush

--definitely an oil/filter change

--air filter

--cabin filter (what's the difference from the air filter?)

--spark plugs, just to make sure

--front mounts (clunking noise)

--suspension (strut bar, etc)

sad to hear that it will be expensive since i'm sorta low on cash right now, but oh well... that's the price we pay to have our reliable cars!

i will be bringing it to a local toyota dealer; i hope they can give me a break on some of the stuff!

thanks a lot steviej... im really sorry to hear about your car, but the main thing is that you're OK!


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--air filter

--cabin filter (what's the difference from the air filter?)


air filter is for the engine and under the hood.

cabin filter is for the air conditioning system and gets really rank when it is loaded with mold and bacteria. If you don't smell anything, you may not even have a filter in place. No big deal. The 02-04 ES is a piece of cake to change, the pre-02s are not so easy.


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