Idle Problem - Idle Air Control Valve

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I have a 1996 Lexus ES300 with 200k miles. I faced with low to no engine idle and is confirmed by auto mechanics it's the idle air control valve problem and requires cleaning. There is no "check engine" indicator on.

I managed to clean the throttle, opend up electrical panel of the idle air control valve and the backside plate, allowing me to rotate the pencil-sized magnetic shaft to the full 360-degrees to loosen carbon-deposit buildup. However, I forgot how many 180-degree turns I rotated and forgot to mark the shaft's original position. Can it cause problem if the shaft ends up placed 180-degree off from the original position, as I don't know what is the original position? If it matters, and before I assemble the entire IACV, how can I identify the correct position?


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