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Electronic Throttle Control System Lawsuit

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I just receive a postcard n the mail saying there is a class action lawsuit against Toyota Apparently there is a problem that causes unintended acceleration. Sounds scary. Has anyone had this problem?

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Doesn't identify models. States "... certain Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles..." The card says to go to this website or call (877) 283-0597

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    • By 04lexusrx33O
      Hello! My name is Jake and I have an 04 RX330 with 230,000 miles on it. Not certain on the history of it but I have gotten it with no heat and an overheating problem(EDIT: previous owners said it has overheated on them). I immediately knocked out the easy stuff, checked coolant levels, verified fans were working. So I end up doing serious work that it needed: waterpump, timing belt, power steering pump, upper/lower intake gaskets, thermostat(THM 117-$11.32 at napa), valve cover gaskets, spark plugs. I end up finding smoke swirling out of a crack in the radiator while the car was idling for an hour during a fuel injector decarbonizing process. I end up replacing the radiator as well as the fan motors with the relay because the fans wouldn't turn on. I ended up using a power probe straight to the old fan motors and only fan #2 worked. I end up putting it all together-bled all of the air out of the cooling system with an airlift evacuation tool-and this thing is still overheating! Today I pulled it in and put the scantool on it-temp reads 244 degrees, so it's up there. I take a laser thermometer gun and the passenger-side (or upper hose) of the radiator read 183 degrees give or take and the part of the intake that the sensor screws into was around the same. So I thought it's only a $20 sensor, and replaced it-also considering it had a previous P0117 code(engine coolant temperature circuit low input). I know when the DTC is aiming at the input part of a circuit, it's talking about something with the sensor. I thought this would do it, BUT the car still overheats via gauge. Good news was I had heat, so I'd blast it when it starts climbing up and it'd slowly go down. I'm really stumped now, because I know the heater core acts as a mini radiator, but it doesn't make sense that the heatercore cools the engine down but not the fans and radiator being fully functional. The upper heater hose is piping hot with pressure but the lower hose is room temperature with pressure, I verified by squeezing the hoses. Is the thermostat defective? I installed it with the wobbler pin positioned at the top via installation instructions. I feel like I might run a compression test tomorrow to check the head gaskets, but I feel like I'm missing another sensor or something-I'm a freshman in college so anyone with experience I'd greatly appreciate it! 
    • By OriginalTezza
      Hey fellow Lexus Owners,

      Recently joined the Lexus club and well I decided it's about time to join the forums, i've had my IS200 for about 3 months and have a lot of plans for it! such as 1jz/2jz! I absolutely love the car and well I know you guys will be able to help me out with a lot of modifications I'll be doing on the car!

      So I decided to vlog about my car on Youtube and do modifications which IS200/IS300/Altezza owners or just people in the car community can benefit from, I'd appreciate it if you guys checked it out and supported me, and well i'm here to help you guys with anything you need that is car related! So feel free to subscribe to my channel if you like the content!

      Just so you know, I'm from Australia!

      Here is my channel: 

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    • By LexusLife( L )
      Hey guys, Im planning to buy my first lexus sc400! Its a 1992. The guy is selling it for $5300, its super clean inside and outside. Clean title, and color red. It only has 115k miles on original motor. With no modifications, bone stock with recipts of water pump, and timing belt replaced at 99k miles and a couple other things. I just test drove it and it rides super nice. Ill post a link to the craigslist ad, what do you guys think? I want your input
    • By TheBjamin
      I own a 2013 RX 450h and from the day I purchased it I have averaged 24mpg, bouncing from 23-25mpg highway mileage, with anywhere from 22-26mpg city... a far cry from the 28/32mpg advertised. The dealership has reset my ECM three times, changed the inflation on the tires four times, and added a special spoiler and "areo fins", all with 0 effect. After pestering Lexus for over a year, I was told that 24mpg is NORMAL for this car, and there is nothing wrong with it. I have polled other 450h drivers and the vast majority state their mileage is the same, around 24-25mpg. Only 3 have said they get the promised 28/32mpg.
      I intend to file a class action lawsuit against Lexus for artificially inflating their MPG rating on their hybrid vehicles in order to increase sales and justify the massive price difference between the hybrid and regular models.
      I am polling all 450h owners, 2010-2015, to find out what their average mileage is. If a significant number are having the same issue, I will begin the process of filing on behalf of all 450h owners.
      Again, this is only for 2010-2015 models. Thank you in advance for posting your MPG experiences.
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