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When I bought my LS400 last year, I noticed a lurch in the car whenever I quickly got off the gas with the car under load. This happened in my previous car, my former tech correctly diagnosed a bad motor mount, fixed it, and the problem went away.

I figure the same was happening to my Lexus, mention it to my current tech, and they're currently replacing my motor mount after quoting me $180 for the job (plus $47 to turn the front rotors, plus oil change, I'm getting too damn lazy). I thought the motor mount job would be somewhere around $80-$100, not $180. Am I just too tight, or does $180 sound like a lot of money to everybody else, too?

Thanks in advance for any input.

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It could be $180. It usually takes about an 1.5 hours + parts. It depends on what the hourly rate is! To me it doesn't sound that bad, but you could get a little less.

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Thanks gents - just wanted to hear from someone else that it sounded close enough. I guess my old tech had to spend less time, and pay less for the part, on a Volvo 740.

The good news is no more lurch, no more wobble when braking - rotors were turned, too. The tech showed me the motor mount, definitely ripped and partially crushed.

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