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To The Moon, Alice !

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I fill up the 94LS guzzler at a local Unocal station :P about every 3 hours-make that days. I've done all the tune-up things I can find here on the LOC website, but I'm avoiding checking the gas mileage, since I'm older than dirt, and might not stand the shock.

Anyway, when I fill up, there is a lone pump in the island that sells 100 Octane gas. For 4 bucks a pop. Since the station is adjacent to Sunset Station Casino, and there is always the remote possibility I might strike it rich, my question is-"Will this high octane fuel harm the engine?" I'd like to think "No", so I can fill up for 80 bucks or so, peel out on I-95, and run down a few tricked out, lowered, boom-blasting Honda Civics.

Is this OK for the cherry LS400 with 100K miles? Thanks.

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I doubt it would improve either performance or economy. I think it just burns slower. They make it for hot rod guys who have really high compression engines. I just got off of I-95 a half hour ago. I know why they call it 95 too.

The only thing going to the moon would be your money, and that's not any fun.

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I agree with VB. No point in paying for higher octane fuel than the engine is designed to burn.

Note that in higher altitude towns like Denver, you can only purchase 91 octane; go to lower elevations like Tucson / Phoenix, and it's up to 93 octane, like the good book says. Reason is the decrease in effective conpression ratio as you get higher, thus the decreased need for octane number.

Whatever premium gas is at the pump in the area you are driving in should be just fine for your '94.


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