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Car Wax And Upgrades

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Hi all,

Bought my 2010 RX 350 a couple of days ago and I have a couple of questions.

What is the preferred car wax to use on this car?

My car didn't come with a few things I was looking for so I was wondering if they could be added later... Like the lights that move when you turn, parking assist, front and reat sensors... or are they the parking assist :) and the navigation system.

Thanks in advance!


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The car has no preference for wax. It's what you prefer. The soft glow of a carnauba wax or the highly defined reflection of a synthetic wax. The average life of a carnauba wax or the longer life of a synthetic wax. Or appearance of a first coat of a synthetic and a second coat of a carnauba.

It depends on what you are looking for Ed. If you enjoying waxing your car and like doing it every so often, then carnauba. If you prefer to wax less often then use a synthetic. I prefer to wax less often and I use Meguiar's Ultimate Wax, it's a synthetic. It's available at WalMart, O'Reilly's, AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, as are most wax products from many different companies.

Here's a good starting point:

Secondly, I can't answer whether those items you list can be added on. I do think you will find them to be very expensive to add on. Go to a Lexus dealership and have them price it out for you. Then think about buying the parts somewhere else and having them installed at an aftermarket auto specialty shop. Either way, I think it will be expensive. The benefit you gain may not be worth the expense.

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A lot of the items you have listed, can't be added on afterwards, or at least not for minimal dollar amount. Lexus generally doesn't wire their vehicles like the some of the BMW's. If you're looking to add those on, you may want to sell yours and find one that has those options....that would be the cheapest way to do it imho.

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Just make sure your "wax" or polish is labeled safe for clear coats. Try and find one without abrasives unless you paint has scratches or swirl marks. They wear down your finish. Non abrasive finishes are harder to find. Outside of California I hear Liquid Glass is a great synthetic finish with a long history. It can't be purchased from California due to its solvent content. I personally use Griot's synthetic finish. It is available on-line.

However I am not completely happy with the company as the used to sell bullet hole decals for cars, but have finally stopped doing this. If they hadn't I would not use their products, given I also live about 15 miles from Oakland and the idea of selling fake bullet holes in general. This year there are a number of cars with real bullet holes in them, got when they were driving on Bay Area freeways. Several people are now dead from them. 

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