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I took my 2010 RX-350 into the Lexus dealer and asked about the top of the front bumper on the right side. It would pop out about an inch. I pushed it back in and soon it would come out again. The dealer said the bumper had been hit underneath the left side and the attaching clips on the right side could not be replaced. He said the fix was to replace the bumper. I didn't want to do that. About a month later I had a paint chip guy work on some rock chips. He said attachment to the bumper was a flaw in the design and Lexus was fixing them free. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yep, it was a problem with some of the '10s and sometimes the rear bumper facia too. Not sure what your dealer is talking about the car getting hit on the left and not being able to fix something on the right.

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    • By SurftheStreets
      Hey everyone, I'm new to this Forum, but I have a 2015 Lexus ES 350, and I am looking to get a grill that looks like an IS 350. I was just curious is there were after market possibilities or is it impossible due to that bar in the middle.
    • By CELSI0R

      I have a question regarding the front-end headlight and bumper support bracket, highlighted here in red:

      More specifically, I am wondering about the locations of where the sides of this bracket bolt on to the car, and how.

      I already know the following:
      - For the 3 central mounting points on the bracket, each have 2 bolts that attach to the frame.
      - This bracket can not be removed entirely without first removing the headlights and bumper from the car.

      I have attached photos to aid in the understanding of my question.



      I was able to figure out this problem, with the aid of a section from the Repair Manual, sent to me.

      The bolts located on each side of the bracket attach to the fenders:

      [DISCLAIMER: These photos are not mine, and are from and Ebay]
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      Only 5 months ago in October, I purchased a 1992 LS400 with about 130K miles on it in great condition that we fell in love with immediately. Unfortunately, we got into an accident recently and our car has sustained some damage, particularly to the bumper and the passenger front quarter panel/fender.
      Apparently, we will need to replace the at least the bumper, front passenger side fender, turn signal, and passenger headlamp. After the accident, the car was driving exactly as it was before it got into the accident, so I am wondering if I should be worried about any long-lasting effects. A private party who has fixed cars for my family and friends quite a few times in the past (by some of the work he's done, he looks to be pretty good) looked at the car in person and said that it will probably cost about $700 for him to replace everything, but I am extremely unsure about this because I have heard many stories of people on this website getting into similar accidents and needing thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs. Additionally, I am still not even 100% sure what exact parts I need to buy.
      Attached are some pictures of the car after its accident.

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      Hit my 2012 Rx 350 on the side of a pretty tough fence and these are the resulting damages. Really need to know how much it will cost in order to fix the damages. Insurance will not help and all the costs are going to be out of pocket.
    • By XiaobinHao
      Help!!! My wife bought a 2014 Lexus RX 350 a few

      months ago from Watertown Lexus here in MA.

      A couple of weeks ago, we noticed paint peeling off the very top edge of

      the rear bumper cover (the black plastic part that is painted the color of the


      The dealer inspected the car carefully, and said that Lexus Corp would only pay to strip

      the paint off the plastic part and

      re-paint it. We're furious that first of

      all this could pass through quality control, but that Lexus would not replace

      the bumper cover. It can't be cheaper to strip the paint off than just replace

      the plastic, as far as man hours go.

      And we're scared that the paint just won't hold in the long run.

      Has anyone else had problem like this? We've never heard of this before on a brand new car,

      much less a Lexus. We thought they had

      very good quality. Any suggestions

      greatly appreciated.
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