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Reaching The Top Speed

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Hey guys.

Could someone tell me when should my 90' LS shift to the 4th gear when I floor it. Of course I dont ask about top speed because I saw the post somewhere ealier. Now it doesnt matter. The problem is that when I was getting nearly 220 km/h I had 6300rpm (unfortunatelly redline) and I was scared. I had O/D off and POWER off. Is this normal????? I dont want to reach 250 with 8000rpm. Is sth wrong, or this is because I didnt turn on the power...I couldnt go faster so I cant tell ya that one second later probably it would shift ...I was scared that sth is wrong with my transmission or maybe there is something I dont know??????

PS. I know i shouldn go so fast...I know, I know...this is dangerous... :D

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dont put ur OD to off

what OD does is TURNS OFF the 4th gear.......

how long were u driving at 6300 rpm?

check for oil leaks at ur engine block might crack or seals might go bad if u were driving for a long time

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Dont worry, it was just for a moment...nothing bad happen, I slowed down, because like I said I was afraid that sth is see, the problem is that if I go with O\D on the max speed is only 190 (I think)because LS goes to this 190 very slow. really

I am the new lexus user, btw this is my first car with automatic transmission I I dont know many things. So now I understand that I should go with O/D on (button is inside the shifter and there is no orange light on on my dashboard - under speedometer) yes??? and then i will reach the top speed???? this is strange for me...(190...)hmmmm

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Guys, just relax!!!!! I do know that my lovely LS is a luxury car, I dont even think about racing. Believe me!!! I only want to "feel the power" of this car, just once...I told ya that here in Poland we have 1 litre of fuel for 1$...speeding is too expensive...especially with 4.0 V8....

I live near the navy airport so I have opportunity to test it.. I love burnouts, but I will never try...this car wasnt desingned for this...and this isn't also a "ten second car", I know this and I won't do nothing bad to it.

I would like to know about this O/D, so this should be ON, yes? The day after tomorrow I'm taking my car to the mechanic to have my P/S and timing belt repalced, tune-up ect, than I will test it. I would like to know then sth about reaching this max speed...


PS. Silvermate, try to understand me, why r u so agry with it...I'm taking care of my LS every day... its like new... :D


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Very few, if any at all, cars with automatics will shift into top gear at WOT. There is a switch under the gas pedal (under the black rubber dome) that causes the transmission to downshift, and will oftentimes also prevent it from upshifting.

If you want to go into fourth gear at these speeds then let up on the gas pedal just enough to release the switch. But then depending on the engine ECU you may find that you will need to let the pedal up long enough to attain "cruise" (just enough engine torque to maintain speed), and then depress it gradually in increments to attain "top speed".

That's the way I did it in my 92 LS many years ago out on a very lonely stretch of highway, Browning to Cutbank, in MT. But wasn't brave enough to find the top.

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No, as a matter of fact, I haven't? Maybe because without the radio, the cops couldn't catch an LS. Or more likely, because they are invisable to cops. If I was a cop, I'd want to catch the tricked out, coffee can Honda dudes, not some "gentleman" in a luxury car.

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Actually they can take my licence back...and I will have to do it once more...Of course in many cases its a very high ticket.

I told you, that I can test my LS at the airport so you won't see me in TV beeing catched....

About those honda in Poland cops are trying to stop especially speeding luxury see, those people have anough money to pay them for and get no ticket.

This is the way of thinking here...unfortunaltelly...

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I see that all my posts are a bit funny for you... it doesnt matter.

I have also few different questions...

1) Is there in your market any intake for 90' LS (injen ro sth)

2) any exhaust???? borla or sth

My mufflers are in bad shape...especially tips... intake is in perfect condition, but i would like to hear my engine... I saw somewhere an intake for 92 or 94... are they different to 90'?????I thought this is the same engine??? Do you have in your cars tthis kind of modifications???

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