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ok I get it! the thing is I still have to put an o2 simulator because the emissions system in my car is obd II. the o2 simulator is a chip that fools the computer so the check engine light wont go off.

the thing is that my car has pre cat sensors and post cat sensors. I have to eliminate the post sensors so I can take out the cat.....

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Has anyone installed a o2 simulator on their car?

any tips? thoughts?


Go here:

and check out part#104037 for Toyota Supra. I installed one of these on my OBDII Supra Turbo after installing a downpipe and getting a check engine light for the 2nd O2 sensor. On OBDII cars, the second O2 sensor ensures the catalytic converter is in good condition for emmissions purposes. The part from Caspers Electronics works perfectly. Be aware that you need to keep your O2 sensor in the circuit. The sensor spoofer only simulates the O2 sensor voltage feedback. The ECU also monitors the resistance of the heater circuit in the heated O2 sensor. You must keep the sensor in the circuit for this resistance, OR measure the resistance of a good sensor's heater circuit and put in the appropriate size of resistor. I see that Casper's has a new part available-part#104057 for toyota. I would call and ask them the difference. It would be great if the new part simulated the resistance too. I don't know for sure what the new part is. It appears to have factory style connectors on it to plug&play. The older part must be spliced in. I put it in the sensor's wire harness plug.

I can't guarantee that these parts will work for your GS400 or 430, but I know they will work for the GS300 since it's the same engine and similar ECU as the N/A Supra. I would think they would work fine for the GS400/430 as well. I'm not sure removing the cats will give you much gain on the N/A V8 with dual exhaust already. On forced induction turbo cars it makes a HUGE difference (30-40 HP). The N/A inline 6 may gain 5-10 HP. But with only 4 cylinders of exhaust per cat in your V8, it shouldn't gain much of anything except noise. Sorry for the long post...

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