Can Adaptive Cruse Control (Radar) Be Added To A 2012 Ls800Hl?

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I'm looking to replace my 2008 LS600hL after 135,000 miles and have found a 2012 just coming off of lease. It seems that this car doesn't have the 'pre-collision package' which includes the radar cruise control! I didn't think that this was possible that Lexus would build one without this.

However I really want this feature, can it be added on now?

thanks for your inputs,




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Look for another car and don't even think about trying to retrofit radar cruise and PCS. Toyota almost never installs the infrastructure for options not already on a vehicle.

It's does seem strange that radar/PCS is not standard on the LS600 and many other of the more expensive Lexus models when it is a somewhat inexpensive ($1,750) option on the Toyota Avalon and when there is discussion at the NHTSA about requiring a PCS-like system on all cars.

Radar cruise/PCS is my favorite feature on my wife's Toyota Prius wagon. I will never buy another car without PCS or a similar system.

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thanks for your advise, I agree with your comments about it being an option. Also I dont understand why someone wouldnt have ordered it for a car like this.

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