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Egr System Malfunction

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My brothers lexus threw a error code 71 which is an "EGR system malfunction" which is only for california vehicles I thought.... does this mean there is something wrong with the car?... or is it nothing to worry about. BTW he has a '90 ls400 with 160K... is there something to reset the light?

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Depending on in which position to EGR valve is stuck, you may or may not experience a noticable problem. The EGR is part of the emissions system which means if you live somewhere that they check emissions, you probably won't pass. I don't think it is that expensive. I had the Chevy dealer replace the EGR valve on my Caprice and it cost about $250. Double that for a Lexus probably if you have them fix it.

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I know from reading previous posts that there is a plastic EGR tube that runs behind the intake manifold. Several people mentioned about how fragile it is. Perhaps your problem is that the tube is cracked. Any deviation from set parameters will activite the service engine code. I am sure there are posts on this in the gallery which show exactly where to look.

Hope this helps some.


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