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'98 Gs300 - Anybody Have A Spare Speaker?

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Hey, anybody doing or that has done audio upgrades. I need a speaker for the left (driver's side) rear. For some reason, I can't seem to find any of these at my local scrap yards. Possible donors could be either 1998+ GS300's or 400's with the Premium (standard - not Nakamichi) sound system.

If anyone is interested in making any kind of deal, just hit me up here on the message system or via If you email, there is always the possibility of it getting mixed in with the it's probably a good idea to leave a message here.

Thanks guys!


P.S. The Right Rear is pictured below for comparison. THe p/n for the left side is 86150-30320.


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I removed all 4 of mine, replaced with 6.5's. I have 4 pioneers from a first gen, looks exactly the same. Email me maybe we can work something out. I would just go buy a cheap pair of pioneers for like $20 off ebay. It's the enclosure that makes it sound half way decent at all. :D :P

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The problem is some :censored: already replaced it and the enclosure with one that holds a smaller speaker. The only thing that fits in there is a 3 1/2" excuse for a speaker. It's a Toyota/Lexus part, on the same size plate as the enclosure, but it doesn't have the box on the back. That'll teach me to buy a car from NY state. :pirate:

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