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You right, there is nothing apparently distinct. However, inside.. the car is leathered by the Company "COACH" particularly the seats. There are Special Coach edition Wheels which are differnt than the stock rims, though same size. There is special wood trimming inside as well. also on the Coach Models.. the emblems were also a nice Gum Metal color.

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Hello everyone,

Im new to the forum and what to know the difference between the coach model and all other models on the 2001 ES300. Nothing visually stands out. Thanks.


If you're talking about the 2001 ES300 Coach Edition, there are some apparent differences:

- perforated leather seating

- special 16-inch, five-spoke alloy wheels (similar to the Platinum Ed. wheels but w/ a mirror-like finish)

- black pearl badging and 'Coach Edition' badging near each front quarter panel

- 'Coach Edition' floormats

- bird's-eye maple interior trim and steering wheel

- chrome interior door handles (the only pre-'02 ES model with that feature)

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lol lexusk8... those're basically the same things neil said :P

nice cover guys. got to this before me.

but the guys covered it... basically from '92 - '01 the same things were changed... but some with a different design i.e. wheels. the coach ed. main difference is the COACH perforated leather. and the fact that you get a free COACH product with the car :) but mannn i wish i had coach leather with those nice emblems in my white ES :D


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