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Hey guys/gals,

If I was planning on selling my 1999 Lexus GS400, I was wondering what you think I could get for it or what it's real value would be in your opinion.

1999 Lexus GS400

V8 - 36,000 original miles

Extended Warranty Good Till 7/06 or 76,000 miles through Automotive Warranty Services - Platinum Coverage - $0 Deductible.

Aftermarket Air Intake

L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (Front Bumper Spoiler, Rear Apron, 3pc Rear Deck Spoiler, Roof Spoiler, Side Skirts, Front Grill Replacement)

L-Sportline Stainless Steel Exhaust System

L-Sportline Tuned 2" Suspension Drop (Springs/Shocks)

Toyota Supra Front Calipers

Slotted Rotors (Front/Rear)

Brand New 18" Chrome Wheels

Brand New Kumho Ecsta MX Tires (245/40YR18)

It does not have Upgraded Radio System but has heated power seats.

I was recently told by L-Sportline that this actual vehicle was their Flagship Vehicle used at car shows and it might even have 1-2 other upgrades that are not visable such as gearing, etc.

There is a chance I will be selling this vehicle in next few months and want to plan ahead on what I can realistically expect.


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Usually you will not get good money for modification since most people do not care for them...they prefer stock. So you are limited...either part out all the L-Sportline stuff and return the car to stock form or try to sell to a very narrow group of people willing to purchase a modified car.

You could also get considerably more money by parting out the car and returning it to stock.

Check edmunds, kbb, nada...

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i'm afraid he's right

or else you going sell it cheaper then if you'd sell car and parts seperatly.. less headache though.. and more "i want this car" from the customer rathen then "ahh, lets go look at another one"..

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I was trying to get an idea of what I could get for it based on the fact that it has about $10K in modifications. If someone is interested, like yourrself, in making an offer, that would be fine. But I am not giving it away. It is a awesome car with low miles, extended warranty with a great modifications package and looks great.

Thanks for input and anyone interested feel free to make offers or at least provide your unbaised opinion.

Lexuswoman (by the way I am the husband of the current driver)

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I really doubt that there are $10K in mods on that car...LSportline stuff won't run that much...maybe $4K...and 18" wheels are but $2K for very good JDM...intake will NOT exceed $ where is the other $3,500 bucks at? You also need to realize that you will have to take a steep discount over your $10K price tag...

I suggest parting it out since LSportline stuff is still in demand as individual parts...

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you won't get anywhere near to the 10 grand for th parts if you parted it out maybe 3500 total for used parts and labour to remove and reinstall original parts.

the car is about 20 000 also depends on the colour if you have a spectra blue mica then you might get more.

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You are obviously not familiar with L-Sportline's quality of products and pricing, allow me to educate you with some facts:

L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (Front Bumper Spoiler, Rear Apron & Side Skirts) - $1,750

L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (3pc Rear Deck Spoiler) - $380

L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (Roof Spoiler) - $285

L-Sportline Aerodynamics Package (Front Grill Replacement) - $250

The above alone totals $2,600...add at least another $650 for paint and install...brings this to $3,250.

L-Sportline Stainless Steel Exhaust System is $850...add at least $150 for install...brings this to $1,000.

L-Sportline Tuned 2" Suspension Drop (Springs/Shocks) is $1,200...add at least $400 for install....brings this to $1,600.

Toyota Supra Front Caliper Upgrade is around $300...add at least $200 for install since calipers have to be modified to fit on Lexus Rotor....brings this to $500.

Intake is $500 as you stated.

Brand new 18" rims/tires are $2,000 as you stated.

That brings the total to around almost $9, I am off by about $1, appoligies. All of this was actually compelted by L-Sportline themselves as opposed to a local bodyshop whcih might have some extra value to some people.

I was not trying to make the car seem like it is worth more than it is. I am just trying to state what condition the vehicle is and what has been done to it so someone could give me an idea of what it might be worht to someone.

I did not expect you/anyone to telling me to part it out or checking my facts to the nearest $100....although I was off by $1,000 by $1,000.

All I was expecting was some estimated figures between $25,000 and $35,000 since according to NADA it is worth between $25K-$29K and according to Kelly Blue Book it is worth around $ if I added half the mod value and maybe $500 for the extended warranty....$30K-$32K might be more reasonable (if someone found hte mods beneficial...which is the only way I could sell it like it is anyway).

Thanks to all that were supportive. If you have any constructive input, opinions or offers...go for it.

TurboGS300...Hmm...would you take a child in with the package as well? :-)

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Welcome to the world of modding cars. Putting the car together is fun and rewarding. Trying to sell it is another matter. Other than enthusiasts who comes to sites like this, most people do not want a modified car. In trying to sell the car as is, you are already greatly limiting your target market. I can appreciate the efforts of what is on this car but most customers won't. Once you are in this market of people who like to fix up cars, you will find that tastes vary. For example, some may like the kit but dislike the wheels. Part of modding is to fix up the car to your particular taste. Buying an already modded one takes some of the enjoyment out of it. To find a group of individuals who like the mods as is again limits your market and then you have to hope one of these people want to buy the car.

The reality is that I have seen it many times where people have to part out the car to get some value back on the mods. Then with a stock car, you have just opened up your buying market to everyone looking for a GS.

I have put over 13k into my car and it is not even half done. I have no real expectations of getting much of that money back. I'll be a little sad when that day comes but I am enjoying the car too much now to care about that. I also have no immediate plans to sell the car so I am comforted that I won't be facing that day anytime soon. ;)

All that said, I truly wish that you will be able to find a buyer that will appreciate the car for what it is and buy it from you for a fair price. You never know. I do commend you for depreciating the mods appropriately. For what is there, $4500 is a very nice package price. It is just a matter of finding the one that likes that package. :)

BTW - If you do decide to part out the car, please let the rest of us know. I am sure there are pieces that will be of interest to different people. :D

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Well, I owned my own business brokering high end cars before 9/11 put me out of business. (High end cars are accessories, not necessities) Any car not stock is always a challenge to sell. First you have to find a buyer that likes your car. Then, you have to find a buyer that will pay what you are willing to settle for. Thats the kicker. Finding a buyer isn't always hard, getting what you'll settle for is the hard part. We just bought a 91 NSX on ebay from another broker in Florida. Got a good deal on it, but we were the buyer, not the seller. People on Ebay are looking for a good deal, period. The best idea though I've seen so far is putting it on ebay, make sure theres a reserve, and seeing how high it will go. You'll spend a fee for the first listing, but a small price to pay to get an idea what your car is worth. The reason you're not getting a specific price from anyone on what your car is worth, is because noone knows because of the mods. It matters what its worth to someone who is willing to buy it and what you are willing to sell it for. Thats your price. As previously stated, welcome to the world of modding cars. We all have this problem. ;)

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well keep in mind that a brand new with "0" miles is about $48,000,

2004, GS 430(bigger engine), w/ Navigation etc....

im just giving numbers in my opinion, i would get rid of it about 28k

thats MAX, min would be 24k

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