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Wiper Motor Problem '96 Es300

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I had to install a rebuilt wiper motor on my '96. I'm having a problem with the blades parking correctly. I've re-positioned them 'a million' times. Wondering if the blade 'link' has to be installed on the motor shaft in any particular position??? II know about reversing the plug to get the blades to park in a slightly higher/lower position but that isn't the problem. I don't think I'm getting the full wiper stroke and the wipers kind of bottom out and then go about an inch higher when parking.

Thanks Much...

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I am not sure what you mean.Is it parking anywhere on the screen? Or jsut above the hood like it is supposed to ?

Are you getting any readings on the the summer /winter park position plug?

It might be just that it is broken inside and not making contact back to the wiper. Have you reversed the plug upside down or just left it off the motor?

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I can get the wipers to park near or at the bottom of the wind screen by removing the wiper arms and repositioning them on the shafts. However, they seem to 'bottom' and then go up about an inch. I'm wondering if I installed the wiper arm 'link' in the right position or maybe there isn't any right position. Also I don't think the drivers wiper is covering the entire screen like it did before I changed the motor. I did try both positions on the winter/summer switch.

I guess the main question is "Is there a correct position for the wiper arm link when changing the wiper motor."

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