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Hello. This is my first post, and I must say I am very impressed with all the knowledge here :cheers: My first (of what will be many questions) is the service manual for my 97 Ls400. Short of using the toyota / lexus site to download hundreds of separate pages over the 2-day subscription, is there anywhere I can just download the entire manual as one big PDF file? I know for my old BMW, it was very easy to find one for free online, but I can't seem to find that online for my Lexus. I don't get why it's so hard/expensive to get a service manual for a 15 yr old car, but so far I've just encountered frustrations...Thanks for any input/advice, etc...And also a big welcome to everybody here from Louisville, KY.

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The service manuals on the Lexus techinfo website are in multiple (many, many) separate PDF's. They are copywritten so I doubt if you will find them on forum websites where forum admins often prohibit them. There is a link to some of the service manual sections for the 98-00 LS400 somewhere in a past thread on this forum but it is missing a very important section - diagnostics.

You might check eBay for a bonafide service manual set. I think each 2-volume set of Lexus LS service manuals I've bought have cost around $250 from Lexus dealers but I've never bought the separate electrical diagram manual.

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Annnnnd... it was good while it lasted. The last time I tried to access the site I wrote about earlier, it was a dead link. Bummer. There's lots of the '93 and '94 manuals I didn't have time to download. Eventually I'll buy the one-day access to Toyota's database and get the rest.


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On 9/15/2016 at 6:45 AM, lexywexydoodah said:


these links are not lawful..... please remove them


Hi Billy, hope all is well with you!

The manuals you linked are not legal copies allowed by Lexus who is the copyright holder.... Their attorneys contact us from time to time to take stuff like this down.

I pulled the post, no action needed from you.

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If Lexus is not allowing such things then they need to start reprinting manuals for older cars.  There are some other company's that allow people with manuals on old defunct products to copy and offer them for free and in complete form on the internet. So is Lexus still selling manuals on the older cars?  If so where can I get them? And don't say copy them from a site since they don't allow that.

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