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How Do You Get To The Starter Bolts?

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I spent most the day taking all the fuel rails and the exhaust manifold off. I can see the starter, only I cannot figure out how to get to the two blots holding on the starter they are aginst the firewall and no tool I own can get to them.

I have not removed the part right behind the manifold it looks like the same metal and when I took off the bolts to it. it would not move.

I read somewhere that you can do something with the wireing harness???

Is there anybody that has removed the starter from a 92 sc400 that can help me get back on the road??? any advice/tips will help.



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look at all the other same posts in the sc and ls forum that have pics of removal. It can be reached with a long extension and the hand of god under the intake manifold,otherwise you have to remove it.

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that piece of metal behind the intake manifold needs to come off. there's hidden nuts right behind it, feel for it, theyr 12mm. coolant should be dropping. i had to break the wiring harness off, not easy, but you'll need all the working space you can get. after installing the new starter, buy big radiator hoses, cut it down the middle and use that as your new wiring harness before you burn some wires. make sure you use tape to secure the radiator hose. you should be fine from here.

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