Are Peeling Oem Chrome Wheels Covered By Extended Warranty

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I have Lexus original chrome wheels (2007 Es 350) that are starting to peel in well of the lug nuts. Before jousting with Lexus if the warranty covers the wheels I wanted to sound out fellow owners. The warranty excludes "rust" but this is not rust - just bad chrome plating.

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this should be covered bu the warranty. I have seen this before. If they give you excuses then kick up.

I had one wheel that was peeling.. they replaced it with no problems.

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If the car is a's out of warranty probably. What is your in service date?

The wheels are aftermarket chrome plated, probably by the dealer. Lexus does not offer OEM chrome wheels, hasn't since 2000 or so.

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Still covered by extended warranty which has another 30,000 miles and approx 2.5 years to run. Was at the local Lexus dealer and was certain I saw chrome wheels on display. Will check it out. Thanks.

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They sell them, but they are factory wheels that have been chrome plated aftermarket.

shouldn't matter, if the dealer put them on they should be covered by the warranty, not sure about the extended warranty...

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