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I've seen it somewhere before but I do not remember where. I'll try to locate it and link it up. Check our standard fall backs though - Planetsoarer, etc. Really buisy this week.

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I found the DIY for the In Cabin Air Filters.

I then went to remove them from my 93 SC400 and everything was going well until I removed the door for the Air Filter. No Air Filter! I do not know if they have been removed or were never present, but there is a place to install them.

My next question is, where can I find the information to order a replacement filter?

Was this a Japan only option, because of smog and everyone smokes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'll check the Lexus dealer and see if they can order this.


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Completed a little research and found the following:

The Incabin Air Filter is available from a Lexus Dealer for $63.00

PN: 88880 24020

All SC's have the compartment for this filter, but not many had it installed.

This may have been a dealer option and most saved the money and did not install.

When I opened my compartment up, there was alot of fine dust and lint on the cover. It seems that this would be a good option to install.

The filter looks much like a K&N and could be cleaned with soap and water and reused. It would also be a good way to add a little air freshener to the filter before installing.

I hope this helps anyone thats interested.


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