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'03 Lx470 Oil Change

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I agree it's not that difficult. My LS400 had a way around it without removing the cover.

10 minutes more work.

Dougjohn, That was too easy. But it did liven my spirits. This was my first time in this forum. I was worried when yours was my only response.

Thanks again to both of you.

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K&N oil filters do not seem to get gunked up as much as Fram's.

I have K&N air filters on LS400, LX740 & a Porsche 928. From my experience on those different vehicles I prefer the K&N in a BIG WAY over the standard air filters. I have talked to my mechanics and have cleaned the filters myself regularly. The oil treatment applied to the K&N fliters appears to catch more dirt than a standard filter while allowing the car to operate more efficiently due to considerably less restricted air flow. I personally ran a test with a standard filter on a Toyota Landcruiser vs my LX 470 with a K&N. The Landcruiser belongs to a friend who travels the same way I do to work on a daily basis and he drives his car more on the weekends than I do. After three months my K&N looked like it had more dirt in it than his standard filter on the landcruiser which had been driven 2200 more miles :-? Not exactly a scientific test but after it was completed I purchased the filters for the LS400 & the 928 and have not regretted that decision in any way. :cheers:

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