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Reading Check Engine Code

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My 1999 RX300 has 56K+ miles and the check engine light just came on. Is there a way to read the code without going to a dealership? In my dodge caravan, one turns the key off-on 3 times and the code flashes on a dash idiot light.

Secondly, are the Service manuals worth the money? Brake pads are approaching replacement status and I wouldn't mind doing it myself but have never done so on this vehicle.

Toyota material distribution center: 1-800-622-2033.

00245-RM626-U1 - R/M 1999 RX300 Volume 1 Engine $161.01

00245-RM626-U2 - R/M 1999 RX300 Volume 2 Chassis/Body $106.88



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for the price of the manuals they are worth every cent. You don;t need tehm to change the brakes though as they are extremly simple. Also ebay sells the same manuals for that price for both books canadian ,take a look.

There is a way to check the codes with out a scanner but it involves shorting out 2 of the pins in a sequence. I won't post it as unless you are dead on you could short out the $2000 computer. It is cheaper to buy a half decent $100 obd2 scanner to get codes.

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The ODBII code readers can sometimes be rented from local auto parts stores, sometimes even for free. After all, they want to sell you parts.

On my 1999 RX300, the connection point is right below the steering wheel. The guys that rent it to you can probably explain how to use it.


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