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My dealer mentioned the transmision coupler is going out in my car. A 93 sc400.

I didn't get a chance to speak directly to the mechanic but it was said i should get it fixed.

My question is this:

What is it and how hard would it be to do myself, or would i be better off letting the dealer do it?

They did say it joined the tranny to the motor but not what it looks like or specifically is.

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Sounds like a bunch of bull. The tranny bolts directly to the engine block via bell housing. There is nothing moving externally. Did they say it was leaking there or something? Inside that there is a torque converter. That is what physically links the crank to the transmission. Then out of the transmission there is a mechanical joint to the driveshaft. On to the next mid point with support, another mechanical joint - then to the differential where there is a final mechanical joint.

Does your car jerk you around at low speeds or on initial wide open throttle? Does it feel loose and snappy harsh turning or off the line? Do you see any fluid leaks or obvious mechanical problem at any of the mentioned locations?

No? Then they are trying to hose you dog.

Unless they are talking about the tranny mount. That is another thing to check. I can't say for sure that your place is full of crooks, but it sure sounds like it. If someone at a shop said something like that to me, I'd would really check the job the car was in there for to begin with.

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Thanks for the insight.

I never heard of it either.

I called the dealer today to find out how much that "part" was and the guy in parts said he didn't know what that part was but he would talk to the guys in the shop to see what they were talking about.

I had the car in, so they could sump out the tranny fluid and replace the filter.

So i don't know how to check the work they did vs didn't do.

No, my car doesn't seem to jerk or act funny to me as far as tranny work/ mounting issues.

I do need the bushings replaced on the front upper and lower but that will happen later.

I think you may be right about them meaning the tranny mount, not a coupler of any sort.

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