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Anyone Ever Try Their Es Out In Autocross?

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I did.. hahaha.. This past weekend GRRA (Guam Road Racers Association) held their first autocross practice run at the Guam Raceway Park parking lot. There weren't so many cars, 25 or 30 that showed up... Pretty good turnout considering this club just started out about a month ago. Fastest times of the day were by a Prelude and a S14 240... Consistent 42's and 43's... I was able to hit a 51 on my third try, most took dozens of runs to hit past 45 seconds. :) I really didn't care how fast I went, it was just fun.... Lots of different cars at the meet... 240's, RX-7, 86, Nissan/Toyota trucks (it's a Guam thing), old school Beemers...and more haha, check out the pics of the ES. :P


Me and my friend's 01 Maxima


whoa.. haha


that's me! :P



More pics here:

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It was everyone's first time doing Autocross so I wasn't the least bit ashamed. I beat out a few cars' times.... mostly the junk ones!! :lol:

and sk, I haven't installed the mirrors yet... I will let you know when I do. Sorry the pm didn't go through.

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I'd like to do that but 1. my car's tranny is toasted, 2. my tires are really soft and it'd no doubt take a big toll on em, and 3. same thing as sk-need stiffer roll bars (stock suspension right now, but may change that in the future, if I keep my car)

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