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Radiator Light On 92 Ls 400

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Hi, First I want to thank everyone who has helped me already.

I have noticed a radiator (looks like) symbol light up on panel when I start the car in cold weather, then it disapears after a few minutes. Is this because engine is cold? or should I have someone look at the radiator?

Also, the gas pedal is sticky, and it makes engine jump a lttle when I press and it finally moves. Can I oil the pedal or something to make it smooth again?

Lastly, I was hearing a low wining sound the other day when ever I axcelerated(spelling?) I was realy worried that something was wrong, then I turned off A/C and it disapeared :wacko: Is this normal.



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Hi there,

It is normal for that light to light up and dissappear (3 sec) after engine starts. If you turn your key to "on" position, it should stay lighted up. This "radiator" symbol light is a low engine coolent level warning light. If it dissappears after a few minutes, it isn't a problem, but check your coolent level.

My Check Engine Light some times come on during very hot days (I live in Arizona). It then dissappears after a few minutes. I'm not concerned right now.

Don't know why these lights come on and goes. Maybe faulty sensors? :blink:

By the way, what is a "wining" sound? :)

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The coolant reservior sensor get stuck sometimes.  You can replace it or take it out and clean.


I have a 91 LS400 My coolant levael is good. Light stays on. If I unplug coolent "sensor" it goes off. I need to fix replace sendor. How do you remove it??? Mine has a black rubber cover on it, I tried lifting it but the cover seems to be glued on, so I stoped. Unit does not seem to want to turn to left or right, or pull out of tank. How is it removed???

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