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guys i have an es300 1997 model, one owner, never in an accident.

180,000 kilometers, about 110,000 miles.

i put a new set of toyo tyres on the car 18 months ago, the front tyres have probably 60% tread left, probably more, the rear tyres have scrubbed out on both outside rears with about twice the wear the front tyres have experienced. the rest of the rear tyres have still got a bit of tread on them, probably around 40% left, has anyone had this sort of wear on the rear, if it was on the front i wouldnt be so surprised as its a front wheel drive. seems strange that the rear is wearing so fast. the car drives immaculate. 120kmh on the open road and it tracks perfect.


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I have a super low mileage 1990 Nissan 300ZX that is one of my toys. It developed a similar rear tire wear pattern, but on the inside 2 inches of each tire, on tires that had less than 10 000 km on them. After reading up on the issue, it became obvious that the rear end needed an alignment. In my case new springs, shocks, and adjustable camber arms were required, because the springs had settled and there wasn't enough adjustment available to correct the wheel geometry.

Your car may just need a 4 wheel alignment, but be prepared for springs, struts, or linkages if more is required, because of the age of the car. You may be lucky and get away cheaply with just the alignment. Good Luck!

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