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Let's All Take A Second...


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Hey guys! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I thought i'd ask us all to take a second and be thankful tonight, as sometimes we forget what we have, and take things for granted. I was almost involved in a big "accident" tonight and feel especially thankful to be here in one piece!

The deer are out here in RI and i came within a few feet of hitting one tonight on the highway. Luckily i was paying attention and was able to slam on the brakes before impact (i must have come within a few feet of it), but had i been distracted even for a second i would have hit it for sure. It was BIG. My memory of the beast seems to represent it's image as a single "frame", right in front of me lit up by the headlights. I've never come so close before! It truly was a miracle i didn't hit it...

So let's all be thankful for having a car in one piece, no insurance claims and no injuries! And let's all keep our cellphones and other "distractions" out of the car- i really learned tonight how precious a "second" can be while driving!

God bless!

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Very glad you avoided a bad accident. Rudolf may be cute at Christmas, but they are so over populated across the country that every week, one of our friends or family have a run in with the beautiful animals.

Happy Holidays and safe driving.


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