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I am looking for something with the protecting characteristics of Armor All but has a flat, not shinny, finish.

My prodlems is when I use Armor All (2001 Formula) on my dahs of my RX300 I get almost a dangerous amount of glare form the sun (early morning or late afternoon).

I noticed atthe BMW shop when they detail they use a product like armor all but instead of a shinny finish it hasd a flat finish.

I have not noticed, nor have I looked to hard, such a product at the auto store. CAn anyone recommend such a product?


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I reccomend 303 Aerospace Protectant and 1Z Cockpit Premium, both of them are sold at

That's what I use and shine.

Just a clean, matte look to the dash and components...

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Armor All makes a Low Gloss product that is in a white bottle with a black label.

I use it on my tires and other areas that are low gloss.

I hate the glossy wet look you get with Armor All on tires.


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I second the meguires vinyl.

It leaves no gloss and does a nice factory look job. The spray is a little funky since the solution is like gel, but if you spray a towel first it works great. It also does well reg. plastic and clear plastic... no oily film!

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I'll have to agree with SWO on this one. AmourAll looks rather flat when it dries on tires. On dashboards, forget it, to much glare. I use Maguires leather cleaner on the dash. It leave a flat, clean look.

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