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95 Power Failure At High Speeds

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I am having problems with my 1995 LS 400 (129,000) miles. It runs great expect for the small problem that after traveling on the highway at speeds greater than 80 mph. Yeh I know that is speeding, but I have to see what she can do on the open road ... :cheers:

Anyway, when I slow my car down, getting off the ramp, or at a light, my car cuts off. THE RPM's go below 200 and it just dies. It starts right back but having my car shutoff is a safety hazard and quite annoying and embarassing. :( … Anyway, looking at past entries it looks as if my ECU is the problem.

Will I need to replace my ECU or can I just have my current one reprogrammed?

If I have to replace it can I buy a used 95 one or will it have the same problem?

Is 96/97 ls400 engine ECU compatible with a 95? I believe after 1996, the engine ECU was reprogrammed to solve the problem.

As you can tell, I really don't want to spend buy a new ECU, they are $1800. :censored: Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks



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i have a 1996 LS and i dont have this problem, no matter how long and how fast i drive it doesnt die on me. it never died on me(knock on wood) but i'm not sure if it will fit your car

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You may want to look at the TPS thread (today) on thsi topic. I would first look at the air filter. I changed mine and the problem greatly improved. I will be replacing the TPS this weekend and will let you know if that helps. Everything else for tune-up was replaced and this did not solve the problem. FYI the 95 ECM may or may not work with the 96 ECM. I called several dealers and did not reach consensus... You may wish to check with Lexus using your VIN and they will guide you to what is an exact replacement. Instead of buying new (about $1450) I would get a bone yeard ECM with an exact matching number and warranty. I have seen the ECM for $125-$250. Installation does not look painful but I'm not sure how the key FOB reprogramming will go.

Hope this helps..

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