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First Experience With Kearny Mesa Lexus.

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My wife and I purchased a used 00' LX 470 with 40k on the clock. It came with only one master key and no floor mats. We purchased these items at Kearny Mesa Lexus in San Diego, CA. We were very impressed with the professionalism and courteous service we received there. We were supposed to be charged $50 for the programming of the new key and the price of the key was pretty steep itself (just under $200). We had an issue with this programming charge since we've ordered extra keys for our BMW 7 series and we never were charged for programming them. So, in turn, we were NOT charged for the programming and when we brought our SUV in, they programmed our key and washed our car, free of charge.

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Howdy neighbor! We purchased a new 08 RX 350 from Lexus Kearny Mesa last April, and like you, were very pleased with the sales/dealership experience.

We had the car in for its first (Free) 5K mile service and had another great experience. So far, we are very pleased with Lexus Kearny Mesa.

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