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Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont

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Moral of story: Look inside the box and compare to old parts before leaving dealership. It saves to compare prices between dealerships. It sucks leaving your car on jackstands on the street with your driveshaft dangling around.

This weekend I brought my car to my uncle's house so he could replace the wheel bearings. My dad and I called up Fremont Toyota and Magnussen's Lexus for the pricing of the wheel bearings. Fremont Toyota quoted ~$170 while Lexus quoted $128! That's a good deal.

So my dad went to the dealership while I stayed back guarding my car. My dad bought the wheel bearing, but the Lexus Tech insisted that he buy a new hub. My dad called my uncle and gives ok to buy it since you can always return it. So my dad buys the hub, but it doesn't come with any oil seals. My dad wants to buy the seals, but the parts dept. doesn't have it! Since he doesn't have the oil seals the Lexus shop can't press them in.

He ends up going to a local shop and buys the seals for 20 bucks and goes to a machine shop to have them press old wheel bearings out and the new ones in. It ended up that the new wheel bearing is the wrong one! By that time the dealership closed at 5 pm.

Now I have to leave my car parked outside overnight on jackstands!

Next morning dad and I go to dealership. We return wheel bearings and ask for another one. The bearing was exchanged and since my dad bought the oil seals he asked the Lexus Tech if they could press them in. The tech guy was different than yesterday and said they won't press them in because of liability issues. Well that sucks, it's a Sunday.. all the machine shops are closed.

Now I have to leave my car parked out in the sun and another night on jackstands!

We then were on our way to my uncle's house and then he called and said to buy another bearing for the other side of the car. My dad goes back to the dealership and they say that they have one last one. The parts ringer hands the box to my dad and it's the same wrong one!

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