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Moonroof Doesn't Automatically Close After Battery Replacement

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I replaced my battery and my moonroof now does not seem to function in 'auto" mode. Meaning, when I depress the open or close button fully and let go, it does not automatically go to its full close/full open position. The issue is that it's hard to get it to stop perfectly in the closed position in order that it doesn't have a draft or leak water. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You just need to hold the button to open keep holding it, it will open all the way then should close and the stop. I think that is how you reprogram it. I am going by memory.

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Close sunroof, push and hold tilt and let it go through a complete cycle, it will go down, fully open and then fully close. During the cycle do not release the switch.

Thanks James!


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Easy fix , turn the schwoogle toggle off to the right then battery disconnect then get up on the roof and close it by force with your hands then the schoogle should noogle the poogle and you should have functioning sunroof again 

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On 2/28/2021 at 10:49 AM, Poopwiggle said:

Easy fix , turn the schwoogle toggle off to the right then battery disconnect then get up on the roof and close it by force with your hands then the schoogle should noogle the poogle and you should have functioning sunroof again 

Interesting technical terms there 🙂 
I get the jist of the repair though 

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