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No Money For Restiching Leather? (pics)

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i bought the most expensive one they had. i doubt it will last more than a year not sure but they do look good for the time beaing. YES they were purple some clown i guess painted them purple before.

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Not sure i think its called Vynle Coat its a black can got it @ Auto place. YOu can find them anywere just get the most expenisve can i guess it has the most flex coat in it. Not sure. Trick is you need to put 3 coats on. if u dont it will chip. if you put to much it will look like creammy seats.

Take the seat out, remove the back cover, tape up everything that shouldnt be painted(blue tape)

Then spary let dry 3 times even coats 8- 10 inches away from seat so you dont get runs or drips. you should need about 4 cans to do it just right.

Try to do it on a not windy day and sunny.

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the dye will start coming off when you clean it with cleaners and just from sitting on it after awhile. so whatever color it was underneath, it would come back on some spots. then it would look bad especially if the previous color was purple or black.

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