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How To Remove Covers To Replace Tail Lights?

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You mean the tail lights on the door that flip down?

I have never done it but there are 2 screws on the side of the door. Take those off and ply the light cover off. If it is anything like the lights on the body of the car then it should just come put when you ply it after taking those 2 screws off.


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I figured it out. you have to pull the carpet off of the tailgate and under that is a three screw pannel door that comes off. Below that door are the wires and twist sockets to lock the bulbs into place. Trying to read the numbers off the bulbs was tough. At Pep Boys they pulled up the sylvania bulb number I needed for replacement and the job is now done :D . Thanks for your reply Robert. It is nice to make aquaintance with another 1999 LX470 owner :cheers:

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Hi guys- What colors are yours? I have a gray smoky topaz and the paint is started to peel off, due to factory defective paint. There are at least 3 other cars and Lexus had agree to repaint for them. gonna hijack every post until someone responds?

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