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Aftermarket Bushings

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Hi Guys!! :)

Have any of you replaced the bushings on your LS with anything like these??

Aftermarket suspension bushings

Would replacing the bushings on my LS with bushings from the site linked to above [or something like it] help make my LS feel more secure on the freeway?

What do bushings DO - exactly?! How big a part do they play in a suspension?


Craig!! :)

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For the price ureathane bushings are an excellent upgrade as the make the steering and road feel much more solid by repacing worn or even on good ones a sloppy feel for the road. It doesn;t make it harsher just a bit more snug as tehy don;t compress as much as rubber inserts do.

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bushings connect moving parts with a layer of rubber rather than useing metal to metal. also depending on the rubber stiffness the characteristics of the car changes. stiffer bushings will give you a harsher ride but better response and so on.. the softer bushings will give a bit more comfortable ride, soaking up minor vibrations and things. the 4th gen LS came as either a euro tuned sus. or normal. one of the differences being the bushings.

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