Wanted: Lexus Lfa Keys

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I'm a collector of keys from exclusive cars.

I really like the Lexus LFA and would love to have a key of this car.

I hope there is somebody on this forum who can get me a key, maybe a key with broken electronics or a key from an already sold car etc.

Hope to get a reply from somebody who wants to sell a key.




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Hi and welcome to the LOC.

Your request wil be VERY difficult if not immpossible to complete unforunately.

Only 150 LFA's were alocated for the USA last year, and I imagine that number won't be much differen't for 2012. Additionally, there are only a hand full of dealers in the entire US who can actually get one. Lastly, at $400,000, people don't let to many spare keys float around.

Good luck though,


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Thanks for your reactions.

I know it is going to be hard, but I also have Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche Carrera GT etc. keys.

So with good searching, I hope I will get one.

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      I just got a 2007 Lexus gs350 from my cousin he got a new car so the car was sitting for 5 months when I went to start it no surprise the battery was dead I called aaa to jump when he had the charger on the battery it started and everything was fine but when you shut the car off it wouldn’t start again so I had it towed to Toyota and had the battery replaced they said they changed the battery and now the alarm won’t stop going off and the key fob isn’t opening the doors or trunk when you go in the car the computer gps starts up but car won’t start or turn off alarm I changed the key fob battery before I had all the issues I’m not sure if this is the problem but Toyota could not figure it out and I just spent $400 for them to tell me good luck get out of here I was hoping you guys could help me out please!!!  
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      Help! I have a 2006 Lexus RX400h that I purchased with only one key (the master with the 3 buttons). I can open the doors manually and start/drive the vehicle but the buttons aren't working. The buttons did not work when I got it but the red light on the fob lights up and it is putting out a frequency, however, the buttons will not unlock/lock the door or open the rear hatch. I have tried to self program it but it did not work. It does not enter the programming mode as it should. I do not want to take it to the dealership and to waste money if nothing can be done. Any suggestions?
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      I'm a new owner of a 2004 ES 330. The Trunk Button did not seem to work on any of the Key Fobs. Tested Truck Button located to the lower left of Steering Wheel, Truck opened, which told me that the electronic truck latch worked. Tested the Glove Box 'valet' protection for the on/off to the lower left of steering wheel button, this worked as well.
      Another Lexus Owner Club member suggested, hold the Key Fob Trunk Button until the truck opened. Excellent advice IT WORKED !!!
      I / we kept expecting to push the Key Fob Trunk Button 'quickly' like we did for the door locks, and when that did not work, we assumed somthing was wrong.
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