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The Best Color For A Lexus.

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On a Lexus Only: Pearl Dust White or Diamond White--3 stage; but not this on everything---not on a 1934 Plymouth or 1965 Austin Healey Mk III ,etc

And NOT with a dull silver bottom !!!!! Bias I suppose.

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For the LS I'd say I'm even 50/50 between Pearl White and Black. The white is a whole lot easier to maintain, while I know from my navy blue pickup that it is a lot of work, all the time. Other colors? they are all okay, none of which I care much for that much.

I've had mud brown, green, blue (light, medium and dark), red, white, gold, gray, awful green, wait let me count...

Okay, I counted up all the cars I ever had and here is what I've had

BLUE = 6



GOLD = 3

RED = 2

GRAY = 1


I never though about it before but I guess blue is my favorite color for cars. Truth is, I prefer white. I have two white vehicle now and they are my favorite to clean.

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In this order...

-  Cashmere beige metallic  :D

-  Pearl white

-  Silver

-  Black  (but a pain in the  :censored:  to clean)  :lol:


Great minds think a like don't they?? ;) My exact preferences! I thought I was the only one that had Cashmere as number 1!!! I wish Lexus still had the color; I'm not too crazy about the replacement color- Mystic Gold. I think Cashmere was the best beige ever; perfect balance of gold and tan! I wonder why I love Cashmere so much? Hmmm.....(what a gorgeous color!)

Just a hunch, but is your ES Cashmere too, LexusFreak?


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Out of the colors out right now for Lexus...

I of course like mine the best, the Black Garnet but my dad's 04 LS430 is a sharp color called Flint Mica which is a charcoal with all kinds of silver, light blue, charcoal specks in it. Beautiful color. Lexus also has a color called Black Forest Pearl on the RX which is a green pearl which is very nice.

I love the cars in silver, but the Millenium Silver is too beige for me. Lexus has dropped it this year and replaced it with a couple of silvers, Mercury metallic which is nice, and others I haven't seen. I also like graphite grey pearl.

I like black on the older cars, but wouldn't get it on a new one because Lexus has so many more interesting colors out right now...

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B) BLK on BLK , keep it clean , no matter what color you choose the same amount of dirt , grime etc... is on your auto , just not convincing to the human acception and as we only see in a limited spectrum of color , I WOULD LIKE A PURE CHROME AUTO with silver leather and dark sunglasses B)

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So, these are the #1 perfered color for a Lexus so far from you guys.....

A. Black_ 3

B. Silver_ 3

C. Pearl White_ 2

D. Cashmere Beige Metallic_ 2

E. Silver Blue/Green_ 1

F. Dark Green_ 1

G. Black Garnet_ 1


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my favorite color would be Sand Dollar Pearl, because it's discontinued, even though ppl still wanted that color instead of the Blizzard Pearl!!

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