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Just Went To Lexus Dealership

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Read in forum somwere that washer nozzels are interchangable on almost all lexus And if you have an SC you should get ES or GS 300 Nozzels from a 2003.

Well as per lexus dealership this is wrong they say it will not FIT.

Anyone got an Experience in this Subject.

Just giving out the FYI for the day.

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Yes i did. i got it from that link.

And no they didnt attempt this was the manhattan Lexus In order for that to happen i would have to pay for them.

Also they jerked me around with cutting me a new key.

Last night i decided to call another lexus dealership and get some price quotes.

Front Lip/Spoiler (manhattan) = 450

(Long Island)= 550

They are way to expensive around here. PLUS they told me they stopped making Floor MATS for the sc they only make 03 Floor mats now. :(

Gettin to be alittle stressfull

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Opps almost forgot the Guy at the parts department also asked me were did u get that info about the nozzels so i told him afew friends and online message forum. He said

"Nah dont listen to those people online they dont know what there taking about"

I of corase defended my new friends since i learned so much from u guys by reading posts etc. etc.

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Washer nozzels, arent they almost all interchanable you hook a hose up and mount doesnt seem to diffucult. Cant say I ever tried it but even simple logic would tell me that they would work. How much are they asking for just the nozzel you shouldnt need them to put them on.

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No i know. He exclaimed to me they wouldnt fit. plus he *BLEEP*ed me off so i didnt want to buy them and they just buy chanse they didnt fit return them.

I think they do fit im gonna try but im going to another dealership.

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Manhattan Dealers. Losers.

Contact a guy named Jim in parts at New Country Lexus, latham, NY. 1-888-NCLexus

He'll take care off you. Tell him, a guy from Maryland referred you to him.

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