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Is300 Sportdesign Rims .

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Hello everyone,

I have the 2003 Lexus IS300 SportDesign. As you peeps know it comes with the different style rims that are 5 spoke with arms branching out consecutively, unlike the regular rims which are chrome like and have about 4 arms branching out. Well to the point. Who ever reads this and has the SportDesign model or knows what I am talking about please explain to me why the Lexus Emblems located at the center of the Rims is peeling off? Its a chrome lexus sign embedded on a glossy, black background and the black, glossy paint is chipping off for no reason. Does anyone know the cause of this or does anyone have this problem too and maybe has a solution? Is the emblem piece seperate from the rim so it can be replaced or did it come designed with the rim itself? <_<

If someone could answer these questions for me it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance. :D

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The center caps are removable and replaceable. They are about $28 each and the part number is 42603-53090.

here is a links:

However, the car is under warranty. I would inquire from your dealership as to whether they will cover this under warranty. If they do not, or try to say that they were scraped or something like that, then call the 1-800-25-LEXUS number and press the issue with customer service. They should replace them if the paint is faulty.

good luck.


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