Electronic Folding Side Mirrors

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Just bought a 2013 GS 350 and was so disappointed that it did not have the electronic folding side mirrors. My 2006 model had it. Anyone frustrated with this?

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I agree. The car really should have electronic folding mirrors, can't understand why our 2007 Sequoia Limited has them and this one doesn't. It's a tight fit to get this car in the single door garage.

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I really miss the mirrors and the auto-close trunk from my 2007 GS350. I leave my trunk open all the time now, because I forget I have to slam it now.

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      Hello fellow RX300 owners -
      I'm brand new to the club - thanks for having me! This site is awesome, I hope it helps me in my quest for aftermarket accessories.
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      When opening a door my side mirrors reset to factory settings. I always have to manually adjust the mirrors after opening the door and save the position while in park. You can hear the mirrors re-adjust almost every time I open the doors. Strange is that it only happens 90% of the time. I cannot figure out what combination of locking and opening the door causes the problem. Every time I take my car to the dealer I cannot replicate the problem. It doesn't matter which key fob I use or how I lock or unlock the door (i.e. using key fob, side door switch, the handle button or which door is used to open the car). I have a 2006 GS430. This began happening when I had a major repair fix after it was stolen and recovered. This is really frustrating and cased me to run into my mail box because I didn't manually reset my drivers side mirror before I backed up. Anyone have any ideas? I'm almost willing to replace both mirrors, key fobs and other related electronics to fix this problem. And even then that might not work.
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      My mirrors will adjust when I use the "preset" seat adjustment. However, when I try to adjust the side mirrors from inside neither works. Any idea what to check? Fuse? Is the "Adjustor" inside broken and needs replacing? I have only tried flipping that switch back and forth a lot of times in case there was corrosion. Didn't work. Someone at a nearby town (Lexus Dealer) said there could be a switch in the glovebox that was tripped but I didn't see any buttons or switches in the glovebox.
      Thanks in advance!
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      My 92 LS 400 has been just put back on the road after a year and a half of sitting idle in the one spot, in the Texas heat. The passenger side mirrors no longer move in any direction. Both of them. I was wondering would this be a fuse or motor problem & how best to diagnose it?
      Thank You.