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2004 Sport Suspension Shocks

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Hi Guys!! :)

Still trying to figure out what do. I wish I could find heavy-duty coil springs for my '93 LS. [and one's that do NOT lower the car] That said... does anyone know what shocks/struts the 2004 LS430 with the sport suspension has?! Would those be good for MY car?! [while - perhaps - just keeping - or getting new - stock coil springs]

I want my LS to be a great highway car - and it's not. I find that very annoying. [and very disappointing]

Craig!! :)

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Why don't you use the OEM springs? That should be the best for the car.

BTW, the Eibach COils CAN be used to lower. If you don't want to lower them, then don't.

There are other spring/coilovers you can buy, but you'll probably spend a little $$$.

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