2012 Gx 460 Alarm, Cruise, Brakes

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Alarm, brakes, and Cruise Problems. 2012 GX 460 just purchased two weeks ago. Female. Hard to believe I paid this much money and have these problems.

1. Went to visit my daughter and car was left in the driveway. Not under or in garage or carport for first time since purchasing it. Lightning storm then rain began about 12. At 12:30 alarm started going off then cut itself off. Woke up neighborhood and thought maybe it was someone else's alarm. Happened again thirty minutes later. Knew then it was mine by seeing the lights, etc. Went out and checked it and everything was OK. I left it unlocked. Twenty minutes later, it happened again. Then happened again. Lightning let up and rain started pouring. Didn't happened after the lightning storm settled down. Was up until 4 watching and waiting. Very embrassing and tiring. Buying cookies/cupcakes for neighborhood since I know it had them up. Pressed the button on key remote and sometimes it took several times before the alarm would cut off. Dealer doesn't know and has never heard of this. Any suggestions? On old car (not a Lexus) never did this.

2. Also when have cruise on and car goes uphill, the rpm goes nuts. Goes from low 2 to over 3. Nearly enough for a whip lash. What's up with that. Very annoying. My husband hates that and I know it's gulping gas when it does it.

3. Question: are the brakes supposed to be so soft? I have to press them halfway down before they react at all. Not reactive at all when first pressed. I don't like this at all.

Beginning to think I've made a very serious and expensive mistake.

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Wow don't know where to start. Sorry to hear about the complaints. I have 0 of the problems you have. My gx460 has been flawless. What has your dealer said? The brakes are soft but considering I have had a Mercedes and have a BMW which have touchy brakes it isn't at all a big deal. Sorry you are not happy with your GX but the alarm and the cruise issues aren't common at all the brakes are what they are.

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Well, I took my GX460 back for its first servicing and the service advisor said he would have the techs to 1. turn the sensors down a notch on the alarm (read previous post) 2. adjust the brakes 3. the rpm thing is just what the car does so nothing there. I also noticed the headlights were aimed a little too low and he said they would adjust those.

I went back two days later and this was the results:

1. Tech said there was no way to adjust the alarm sensors. 2. There was no way to adjust the brakes 3. Headlights cannot be adjusted.

Evidently the service advisor doesn't know about these cars. He was very nice but everything he said they would do, the tech said they couldn't. The overall statement was this: everything is computerized and can not be adjusted. (Tech said) So whatever problem you have, it can't be fixed because everything is computerized. My car stayed there two days and the oil was changed. We live with our mistakes.

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My 2008 GX behaves similarly when driving hills with the cruise control on. The system is designed to maintain constant MPH, so the transmission down-shifts and the RPMs run up. Using cruise control in hilly terrains and/or heavy traffic is not recommended anyway, so this doesn't concern me much. Most of the time, other traffic maintains such variable speed that trying to drive at a constant speed is more trouble than it's worth. Regarding brakes, did the dealer check the fluid level? Sounds as if there could be air in the lines. Take the vehicle to a brake specialist and have them bleed the system.

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