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Question On Solution Of Blinking Dash

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I have the apparently infamous blinking dash problem. When it is real cold the dash lights are on and as it warms up they start to blink and then go off. About 15 mins later as they apparently warm up more they do the disco effect and then come on for good until they cool down again. Having done electrician work in the past it reminds me of a bad ballast ( power source ) on a flourecent lighting system. Is that the problem? If not does anyone know? And what is the fix. I saw another fix for a similar problem but on a foreign version of my LS 400 with an all digital readout. Will that same fix work? If not could someone tell me the exact part to look for to fix it. I know this question must get old to some of you veterans to the website but I would really like to just fix this myself rather than pay for a diagnostic and some mechanic to work on it, unless that is what someone recommends. Thanks.

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Actually, I haven't experienced a blinking dash issue before. It might the cold-cathoids that are not getting the proper power.

Contact these guys, and ask them if they can send you the indivudual pieces.

If you're talking about the Climate Control/clock unit, you should visit the ClimateClock Pinned Thread in this forum.

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