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Lexus Rx300 - Electrical Issue

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I am new to this forum and I am not sure where to post regarding this issue.

Yesterday morning, I tried to start the RX300 and it would not start the car. After a few tries, it started just fine. I was able to drive the RX300 around all day without starting issue.

Today, the RX300 had no issue with starting the car. However, I do notice a slight issue in the head lights and the lighting in the dashboard. I notice if I look closely at all the lights on the dashboard, the lights are flickering. It's kind of the car battery is not giving enough juice to make all the lights in the dashboard stay lit without the flickering. The dashboard lights are not going on and off, it just doing the low to high lighting.

I think because I was trying to start the car yesterday to many times that it effect all the lightings in the dashbaord.

Is there an easy fix or do I have to take it in to the dealer?

Thanks for any advice!!

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Take it too an Autozone and have them check the battery. Has the clock been loosing time? If so your battery is toast....

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First thing I'd do is charge the battery fully and have it load tested. (some parts stores will do it for free.) if that checks out good and the cables are good and clean (don't just look at 'em!) Then you need to have the alternator checked. There has been comment from time to time about noticeing flickering in the lights on T/L products and we did indeed have it happen on an '02 Camry that we bought new. There was nothing wrong with it and you had to look hard to see it but it was definitely there. When you say it would not start when you tried, do you mean it wouldn't turn over or would turn over fine but simply wouldn't start? Makes a big difference between the 2 as to what the diagnosis would be.

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