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2004 LS430 Cruse Control did not work at first attempt. Returned car to dealer and their machine could not talk to the LS 430. Was told that they had to upgrade their software to 2004.....Duh. After three days, was informed that it was linked to the laser part of the cruse control and that the part needed was not in the US, had top come from Japan....2nd Duh! did not test drive this car but did test one like it three days prior, so didn't think a second ride was needed. ASSUMED the dealer had checked out all options....a third Duh!

Two days later the VTC Off and Check engine lights came on. Nothing would turn them off until again, I returned the car to the dealership. When I attempted to show the service manager the lights, wouldn't you know it, they would not come on, but the next day I was informed that a part of the emissins control was at falt. That part also had to be ordered.

I now have more miles on the LS taking it to the dealership than just driving it myself.

Tom Powell

Pasadena, MD

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Now you know why we have many DIY'ers......

If I were the service manager, you'd have a free loaner until its fixed; a sincere apology for the inconvience; and another thankyou for your business.

Plus the next oil change & service would be on the house.....

For $60,000 - you deserve this at a minimum.........


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You need to go up to them full of rage and DEMAND SATISFACTION! Although every once in a while there's a car, yes icluding the LS, that has more problems than other cars of the same kind.

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