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I think I've read a coupld posts about changing badging to different styles: chrome/pearl/gold. I'm looking to take mine off all together, and wondered if anyone has done it to a 97'. I'm a little concerned that it may leave some holes in the body- where they are attatched? Does anyone know if it's clean, with no holes under the emblems? I may later replace with the black pearl, but for now I would prefer it to be clean looking. Any help would be great! (My body shop doesn't seem to know unless removed, and I don't have the money to buy a different color yet).

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Removal of the "Lexus" from the left corner of the trunk lid, and removal of the "ES300" from the right corner is easy to do, and leaves a clean uncluttered look with no body holes.

I used low heat from a heat gun, and small pop-cicle sticks, and lots of patience to remove my badges.

The Lexus "swooch" at the center of the trunk lid and hood however, is pinned, and will leave 3 holes showing.

Good Luck.

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contact member: lexusk8 (here and on CL). He can give you a link to his thread that has pictures and a step by step of what to do. His debaddging came out awesome. Dental floss ain't just for teeth anymore.


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