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Lx 450 Seat Motor & Fuse Issues: Help, Please

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Dear 450 owners:

I am looking for info on how to fix my wife's '97 LX450 (also the '97 Land Cruiser) driver's side seat so it will move back and forth again. It is stuck in the full forward position.

The first question is where are the fuses ? There is no info in the manual. It is clear Lexus wants me to bring it to them so they can fix this for an arm and a leg. I prefer trying first to see if I can get it right. Like check the fuse(s).

Question two is this: can I manually get the seat back to a comfortable position some way ? Seems like there would be.

Question three is IF I need a new motor, where can I find a good deal on one ? Is there such a thing ? It looks like a $400 plus item from Lexus, and that's not including installation.

In a worst case situation (i.e. the motor must be replaced), I'd like to get the seat set in the right position for my wife to safely and comfortably drive while I search for a reasonably priced new or used motor.

Can any of you fine members help us figure this out ? thank you,


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